Marijuana: Legalization creating jobs?

Taking a leaf out of Colorado or Washington’s book, Canada has decided to make marijuana consumption legal. The legalization of marijuana is now a hot topic for all citizens whether they be smoker or non-smoker all wishing things don’t go up in smoke.

If Canada successfully legalizes marijuana, it definitely should be sold and regulated like alcohol, however strict rules would have to be placed around the availability and consumption as well as a minimum age of purchase which is 18, and because we all know the extensive risk it poses to minors.

Legalized marijuana could keep the economy budding by creating job opportunities and boost revenue by up to $22 billion dollars annually, competing with the sales of hard liquor and even wine. This means that the marijuana plant in your backyard can contest with that prestige wine your friend was bragging about last week.

Many Canadians are looking forward to obtaining various jobs in the country’s soon-to-be fully legal well-functioning marijuana industry. Even though people still have reservations about this upcoming line of work, it is starting to create a buzz among hungry job hunters. However numbers are relatively small, with 26 out of 10,000 job searches related to marijuana last month. But that’s a look up from the six out of 10,000 during the same month it is also reported that cannabis stocks were among Canada’s best performing in 2017.

According to CBC news June 25, 2018 there are mountains of jobs available through the production of marijuana. Companies are on hiring sprees looking for the best and brightest to work. Businesses such as Aurora, CannTX and Cannabis at work are recruiting works in several fields because there are over 600 positions to be filled with pot. Positions such as  growers, plant trimmers, cultivation supervisors, beverage chemist and mobile app developers are just waiting to be grabbed. It has been calculated that master growers make up to $93,000 per year. This might come as a shock to many but there are not only jobs available for our young people but our senior citizens are now getting in on the action as the stigma around marijuana fades. “Old lady clippers”, a group of senior citizens who engage in the grooming of marijuana plants after retirement, are now getting high on the excitement of waking up to such a marvelous job.

We’ve waited anxiously for October 17, 2018. As we “roll up” we must also realize that even though marijuana will be legal, it is always best to partake of everything moderately so that we may enjoy the benefits without causing harm to ourselves.

In celebrating the glorious day of legalization, and all the joy it will bring let us not forget that this is the one year anniversary since the passing of the famous member of  “The Tragically Hip” group, lead singer Gord Downie. I don’t think this date is mere coincidence but a way to honor the singer’s memory. Long live the legendary Gord Downie.

Thank you,
Paul Bergsma

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