Autonomous Intelligence; the machines are coming for your job (part 1)

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and autonomous everything these days. Even I am not immune to it in my staffing world. A little while ago, I read an article by a guy who believed Autonomous Trucks were a long, long way off. So far away, that it might as well be never. […]

Embracing the Better – Elevating Employment Rights to be a Leader

September marks one year since 23 year-old Amina Diaby was killed in a workplace accident at Fiera Foods. It was an accident that could have been easily prevented. This is one of those stories that hits close to home. I run a staffing agency and it’s my responsibility to make sure each person we hire […]

The Quiet Giant

There’s a funny thing about the place where you grow up; it tends to call you back. Several years after that particular moment in Ottawa history that everyone is acutely aware of, I was offered a promotion to the bright lights of the big city of Toronto. Even though the bubble had burst, paper millionaires were […]

The 3 Laws of Automation

The 3 Laws of Automation There is a single reality of the information age that is transforming our fabrication facilities like no other. The Robots are taking over. Well, sort of. We may not have rolled into the science fiction universe with droids working on an assembly line, but we do have armies of builder-bots […]