Autonomous Intelligence; the machines are coming for your job (part 1)

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and autonomous everything these days. Even I am not immune to it in my staffing world. A little while ago, I read an article by a guy who believed Autonomous Trucks were a long, long way off. So far away, that it might as well be never. […]

The Social Medium is the Message; Part 2

Last time we talked, I made the case for using social media as part of your communication strategy. This time, I am going to walk through a few ways to do that. And maybe a few ways not to as well. If you have not read that post yet, I suggest you do, just to […]

The Social Medium is the Message; Part 1

Technology changes. It advances. It alters the playing field. To ignore this fact is to risk the survival of your business. Do you remember a little company called Blockbuster? Remember how they held fast to their traditional model of renting videos? So much for that, eh? There is no doubting the writing was on the […]

The Quiet Giant

There’s a funny thing about the place where you grow up; it tends to call you back. Several years after that particular moment in Ottawa history that everyone is acutely aware of, I was offered a promotion to the bright lights of the big city of Toronto. Even though the bubble had burst, paper millionaires were […]

Recruiting for Information Technology; Planning for the future of Kitchener-Waterloo

Anyone who has searched for employment this century will probably attest to how difficult finding the right job, or any job, can be. That’s what makes us, the recruiters, important to the seekers. We connect people with opportunities. We have already developed the relationships with the local companies, we have gone out and done the […]