The Social Medium is the Message; Part 1

Technology changes. It advances. It alters the playing field. To ignore this fact is to risk the survival of your business. Do you remember a little company called Blockbuster? Remember how they held fast to their traditional model of renting videos? So much for that, eh? There is no doubting the writing was on the […]

The Quiet Giant

There’s a funny thing about the place where you grow up; it tends to call you back. Several years after that particular moment in Ottawa history that everyone is acutely aware of, I was offered a promotion to the bright lights of the big city of Toronto. Even though the bubble had burst, paper millionaires were […]

The 3 Laws of Automation

The 3 Laws of Automation There is a single reality of the information age that is transforming our fabrication facilities like no other. The Robots are taking over. Well, sort of. We may not have rolled into the science fiction universe with droids working on an assembly line, but we do have armies of builder-bots […]

Dear Job Seekers – Introduction to Job Fairs

Dear Job Seeker, Another avenue for job hunting (whether for summer jobs, co-ops, or your first position post-graduation) is attending Job Fairs.  If you do it right, you can leave a positive and lasting impression on the very people responsible for finding employees. I had a booth at the University of Guelph job fair a […]

Recruiting for Information Technology; Planning for the future of Kitchener-Waterloo

Anyone who has searched for employment this century will probably attest to how difficult finding the right job, or any job, can be. That’s what makes us, the recruiters, important to the seekers. We connect people with opportunities. We have already developed the relationships with the local companies, we have gone out and done the […]

Introduction to the Job Hunt

Dear Job Seeker, Looking for a job is like going to an all-you-can eat buffet on The Hunger Games – the choices are endless but you are competing against others that want to survive just as much as you do.  And if they are more resourceful, you won’t survive (Get the Job).  The more jobs […]

Introduction to Job Seeking

Dear Job Seeker, This is it.  The moment you’ve craved.  You’ve worked so long to achieve it.  You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After years of dreaming, of studying, of burning yourself out…….you are in the home stretch.  Graduation.  A day you’ve been waiting for forever, and ever, and ever. […]

Your Empty Driver’s Positions and the Other Half of the Labour Force

Since I started working with trucking companies; such as providing staff to them, becoming a board of director of the TMTA Waterloo region (Transportation Maintenance and Technology Association) and working in a family business that serves the trucking industry, I have noticed something strange… If you look around, you will see a statistic in every […]