Our Team

The hiring process doesn’t have to be full of headaches and heartbreaks. The Bergsma & Laurette Group wants to make each experience with us an enjoyable one – we’re good at what we do, but we also have a lot of fun while we’re doing it.


A dynamic and innovative staffing professional, Paul has 20 years of experience working full-time in the staffing and recruiting industry. As the chief matchmaker and captain of our ship, he has the connectivity, flexibility and influence to get companies the staff they need, when they need it! His extensive experience – local to global – encompasses client requirements and innovative placement solutions in industrial/warehouse, call center, administrative, financial, technical/engineering, skilled trades, and IT positions.


Melanie’s motto is Honest. Reliable. Fun. That’s why we made it our own. We want to be like Mel!  She has unmatched energy and drive, coupled with over 20 years of professional, high-end staffing experience. She will never sell something which she can’t deliver because she has the local and national connections to get the job done. Mel’s clients flock to her for her proven ability to build long-term and loyal business relationships. She will tell you like it is and say it with a heartfelt smile. She’s family, community, and people centric. If you ever have a chance to meet Mel, you won’t help but find yourself saying, I feel more successful just by talking with her.


He was born into the industry. A second generation recruiter extraordinaire, Jonathan started working with his dad and was screening resumes before he was riding his bike. He’s the Doogie Howser of the staffing industry. Still in his early 20s, he knows more about staffing and HR than most do by the time they retire. He’s an expert on staffing IT and engineering. Through him, Bergsma & Laurette has access to a network of local and national independent recruiters, giving us a service offering unlike any other staffing firm today. This kid is kind of a big deal!

Stacey Cameron

Stacey is on a staffing mission. She is leading the people to your jobs. Her attention to detail will ensure she finds the best match for your talent needs as she heads the Temporary and Contractor Staffing business in the Ottawa Valley and beyond. She is the kind of person who sees the glass as half full, and she brings the sunshine with her wherever she goes, leaving behind a trail of Lanark County maple glazed bacon to boot! When’s she’s not being an awesome recruiter, her happy place is at a lake, sitting by the fire with a Bud Light.

Kait Bennett

She is the builder of our branding. Putting her education in marketing to work for Bergsma & Laurette, Kait incorporates empowerment with images. Her passion and creative vision are driven by curiosity, a love of photography, and exploring unseen places. If you can’t find her on the volleyball court, she’s probably wandered off to go shopping or put in a few more hours of work. Kait is a true business athlete who never stops working and her quality of work never diminishes. If you could compare her to other marketing campaigns, she is truly the Energizer Bunny. But she runs on pure awesomeness and coffee from her Nespresso machine.


Talal Eid

In the international world of recruiting, Talal is no man of mystery.  In his late 20s, with 30 years’ experience, he is the ultimate purple squirrel hunter that every company wants working for them.  He has been trained by the masters of staffing and now is the teacher amongst teachers. He can work with no sleep, food, or drink and his only survival tactic is getting his clients what they need in-order to succeed in the changing world of work.  You are what you eat, and let me tell you my friends, the Talal Special of the week is Top Talent!

Aaron Perras

Welcome to our idea department. When it comes to research, writing, and arithmetic, Aaron is just the person to put it all together. Do you have questions, he will find the answer and cite the sources. Have you seen our B&L Forever rock video? Yeah, he wrote and directed that. Owner of his own boutique writing firm, Perras Ink & Type, this guy doesn’t stop there, he’s always writing. He has a gift for all things creative. You’ll find him taking photos, writing scripts, researching new article ideas and, in general, daydreaming up the perfect creative storm of staffing solutions for our clients.


Greg is a is a multi-tasking ninja whose life motto seems to be, “Why settle for only doing one thing at a time?” He has spent decades in the automotive industry pairing clients with the best possible products and services to help them work better, faster, longer. Even while juggling multiple priorities, he maintains an exceptional focus on delivering industry-leading customer service that will seamlessly advance your business operations. He also loves designer board games, so please exercise extreme caution around him – if you express any interest in that subject, you will be forcibly dragged to the table for a game of Agricola.


Mel has a degree in Sociology and criminology from the University of Windsor, and a Counselor Certificate in Addiction Studies from the U of T. Nobody ever sees Mel without a smile on her face. Mel cares passionately about people and uses her experience in counseling to help her to get to know them and ascertain their wants and needs. She loves to meet new people and show them how she can help to improve their lives through a new job or career. As one of the owners, she understands the needs of small businesses just as well as large corporations and gets a sense of satisfaction from helping those around her to find their footing and establish themselves.


Nick is a work horse. He handles our accounts, and also serves as our WSIB rep and our Joint Health and Safety rep. A seasoned customer service professional, he’s our only Laurette but he does the work of at least two Bergsmas.


Dan handles all things finance at Bergsma and Laurette. He has extensive experience running the back end for several companies at once. He loves ATVing and crunching numbers, often at the same time. (Note: do not try this at home. You might end up crunching more than just numbers.)


Erin is the Client Implementor. All day, she meets and exceeds the high customer-service demands at Bergsma & Laurette. Constantly thinking, ever-improving, and designing methods with related metrics for client-centric, in-house processes, she is optimizing end-to-end service delivery processes. Basically no TPS report ever goes out without a cover letter and she can send you the memo if you need another copy? Her role and responsibilities are not for the feint of heart. The only thing she can’t do is pick a favourite flavour of ice cream.


Jon is like Michael Bluth, just trying to keep the whole family together. He loves a lot of things: customer service, management, people, business strategy, business development … business in general. And fishing. He, along with his family, has owned and operated a successful automotive business in Kitchener-Waterloo for over 30 years.


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