Marijuana: Legalization creating jobs?

Taking a leaf out of Colorado or Washington’s book, Canada has decided to make marijuana consumption legal. The legalization of marijuana is now a hot topic for all citizens whether they be smoker or non-smoker all wishing things don’t go up in smoke. If Canada successfully legalizes marijuana, it definitely should be sold and regulated […]

Why are you hiring Temps when you need Perm?

Stop hiring temps. You’re better off hiring perm. Every so often, we have a job that needs doing, and we don’t have the staff to spare. The job is only going to be a couple weeks, maybe a month, but then it’s done. This is the ideal situation for a temp worker; a person who […]

Unlocking Your Super Employee

Before you read this article, take a moment to look around your office, shop, or factory. Are you seeing superstars everywhere? Are each of your employees engaged in their work and meeting their potential? The answer is most likely that only about 30% of your employees are actively engaged. That’s the average. About an equal […]

How not to Burn Your Money; Reducing Employee Turnover

When I started writing this article, I wanted to talk about continuous training for you and your employees. I wanted to extol the virtues of keeping your staff current with modern trends. But in the middle of writing and researching, I changed my mind. I realized there was an important thing I needed to share […]

The Social Medium is the Message; Part 1

Technology changes. It advances. It alters the playing field. To ignore this fact is to risk the survival of your business. Do you remember a little company called Blockbuster? Remember how they held fast to their traditional model of renting videos? So much for that, eh? There is no doubting the writing was on the […]

The Quiet Giant

There’s a funny thing about the place where you grow up; it tends to call you back. Several years after that particular moment in Ottawa history that everyone is acutely aware of, I was offered a promotion to the bright lights of the big city of Toronto. Even though the bubble had burst, paper millionaires were […]